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Insurance Bad Faith

Generally, you can categorize the way an insurance company’s values a case into three categories: good faith effort to properly value, good faith effort but undervalued, and bad faith.

In rare cases, insurance companies properly value a case; however, in most cases, a client’s case is undervalued.  We specialize in dealing with undervalued cases.  But, the third category is somewhat troublesome.  Under Georgia law, there is a line between undervaluing a case and acting in bad faith.

There is a mutually beneficial relationship created when a person purchases insurance on a car or home.  This relationship creates a duty in the insurance company that requires trust.  However, pressures to reduce costs can result in this trust taking a back seat to profits leaving policy holders without a choice but to seek legal services to recover full payment from their insurance company.

In this situation, our practice will help to evaluate your case, work with the insurance company directly, and, if it appears that the trust relationship was broken, seek additional recovery beyond your damages for acts that are contemptuous.  In doing so, we keep the profit hungry insurance company from continuing shady practices including:

  • Denying claims
  • Requiring unreasonable efforts to recover
  • Delaying decisions
  • Delaying payment on claims

Let us review you case to determine if bad faith has occurred before you settle with an insurance company.  For a free consultation, contact us at (478)254-9652

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